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Privacy policy

What does this privacy and cookie policy cover?

Just as we do when we talk code, we use simple language when we talk 'legal stuff'. We are therefore happily sharing with you this easy to understand note that we take your privacy very seriously. This page details at a high level the privacy policy that will govern our collaboration. They apply throughout the work we do. 

We specialise in a variety of services. These typically revolve around software development for travel and tourism entities, and of course representing clients that themselves work with third parties. Almost all projects give us access to extremely sensitive data. Aware of this, we ensure that we comply to an infrastructure and business flow that will protect your information and privacy (and that of your customers).

Part of the 'secret sauce' of Cookiebite.NET are all the following:

1. We employ people we know. Only vetted, well rounded and serious professionals are allowed near our systems, and by extension, yours.
2. We work in discreet pieces of code, that come in our offices from our partners, and which are then checked and re-checked and verified, before they make it into the code that will be given to you/installed in your systems.
3. People who do not need to have access to data (any data), they are simply not given access to it.
4. People who work with data, will typically work with ghost or replica databases, that will have the same characteristics as that of your systems, but will contain dummy data.
5. We are working with the most stringent security techniques that can be reasonably expected for each project. 

Despite all this, we have found that what we do for security, is only half the story. When we start working together, and as our projects typically bring us very close to your data, you will find us insisting that both processes and agreements in place will have security in mind. That will include all appropriate Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and GDPR-targeted frameworks.

No two projects are the same, but our focus on security and compliance with all applicable laws is always the same. Single-minded and focused.


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