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2006 - Our first big project

Our story starts back in 2006, when our founders came together to tackle a unique software challenge. An online travel agency (OnThe.Travel) required us to develop a system that would replace - and unify - their customer facing booking tool, and their staff-facing back office central reservation system which managed all aspects of their day to day business. This first formal project signaled the birth of Cookiebite.NET as a company that specialises in the hotel industry, and set us off on our way to becoming a household name in "developing for developers", working as an extension of existing teams in the hospitality software arena. You can find more information about the OnThe.Travel project in our project library here.

2007 - Creating a unique multilingual tracking engine

In 2007 Cookiebite engaged in its second most significant project to date. In conjunction with Babel Multilingual, we created a unique technical solution that allowed Babel to create multilingual versions of a hotel's website, and independently monitor their performance and conversions. In this project we offered the full support that Babel needed - from the creation of a CRM solution that would allow it to run its sales and accounting operations, to offering the platforms on which the international versions of the hotel websites would run. You can find out more about the Babel Multilingual project here. 

2009 - Revenue Compass shows us the way to interfaces

When we built the Revenue Compass tool, we were responding to an RFP that needed us to "develop an efficient, fast, really effective revenue management and pricing recommendation engine for hotels". The work we did here established us as an authority in interface building with all major PMS companies (Fidelio Oracle, Springer-Miller, Aglisys etc.) and channel management specialists (SiteMinder, RateTiger, ITESSO, EasyRMS etc.). You can find out more about this project here. 

2010 - Beehive Hospitality Call Centre Systems

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Beehive Hospitality is a Bulgarian hospitality services specialist. When they approached us in 2010 they required us to create and install bespoke reservations and call centre agent software that would "fully fit all the needs of a modern call centre". The result is an extraordinary partnership that has made us the number one supplier of software services to Beehive to this day.

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2012 - Upgrade2

The upgrade2 project gave us the biggest challenge that we had faced to that moment. Not on this was a truly unique product (with nothing comparable in the market at that moment) but also had a very wide range of technical and business challenges that needed overcoming. The project architecture required a Central Reservations System (CRS) that would communicate with any only booking engine using a proprietary and innovative browser level interface. It needed speed, reliability and the ability to pick up reservation records from a truly wide range of sources (PMSs, Channel Managers, CRSs etc.) and required a very rapid pace for development. The Upgrade2 project helped us hugely with the enhancement of our ability to build interfaces for a large number of main players in the hotel industry.

2015 - DayUse.com interfaces

Our largest household client engages with us. Cookiebite.net takes on its first project where we worked purely as an outsourced, seconded software development team. Our engineers, led by our CEO, orchestrated and delivered the development of Dayuse.com's first interfaces, in a technically challenging task (as we were solving the problem of part-day reservations being delivered via the then Pegasus system that only handled normal, overnight reservations). 

Cookiebite.NET has been involved in numerous (and NDA restricted) projects since then. Please CONTACT US if you would like references from any of our clients.

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